Win a beest

Win A Beest Review – Play N Go Casino Game

Having a winning combination of 3 Wilds and 3 Scatters on any spin will earn you a jackpot. This game offers many bonus features, including Stampede Spins and Beest Mode. In addition to triggering free spins, this bonus round will expand the game area and double the number of paylines to one thousand. While in this mode, only wilds can be collected. During Beest Mode, you can expect to win big, as there are several different ways to win.

Wild symbols are another feature of this game. You’ll receive a payout if you land two Wild Symbols on any line. These symbols appear on all five reels and pay two to four times the stake. Additionally, there is a Wild x2 symbol that can double your payout when landed on a winning combination. Wild x2 symbols are also common. Wild symbols are also worth two times the stake if you can land them on consecutive reels.

In addition to wild symbols, Win-A-Beest also features two additional symbols. The wild symbol is a Wildebeest with horns and can replace any symbol to form a winning combination. Additionally, it offers a 2x multiplier, so if you can land two wilds on any reel, your max win will double. The wild symbols can also multiply your wins if you land three or more of them on any other line.