Wild spells

This exciting slot game features a unique design, magic, and different characters. You can expect to see a cat as a wild symbol, a spellbook, a potion, and a candle. Similarly, you can expect to see generic card symbols as low paying icons. The winnings from these symbols vary depending on what symbols are matched on the paylines. In addition to these features, Wild Spells also has a free spins feature that triggers when you land three or more scatter symbols on the screen.

The game features a magical theme, complete with mystical characters and witches wearing bikini-like outfits. It also has a purple and pink background that oozes mystery. It’s also free to play and requires no download, which makes it suitable for people of all levels of experience. Wild Spells is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. If you prefer playing games in the browser, Wild Spells is an excellent choice.

Sorcerers can also manipulate the forces of chaos and chance, granting them an advantage on attack rolls and ability checks. However, this feature requires long rests. When using a Wild Spell, you can use a dice roll on the Wild Magic Surge table to see what effect the spell has on the area. This feature can be used as a bonus or penalty to saves, but must be restored after a long rest. Wild Spells can also be used to cast spells, such as Fireball.