Wild booster


Wild Booster is actually another in the long line of slots developed for an already readymade industry with little or no appeal to players outside of its limited range of slot machines. Wild Booster belongs to the second category making it ideal for fruit slot lovers, regrettably missile to the masses.

A Wild Booster game begins by spinning the reels at a high rate of speed before hitting the button which, of course, makes the reels stop and allows the player to set on to their next spin. Players can play Wild Booster in single or multi-player versions where there are five coins on the line at a time. Once the player has all the coins (including the winning one) in play, that coin is revealed and the player must bet that amount of coins right away or they will lose all of their money. The only way to get around this if you play multiple times is by dropping at least five scatters onto the reels at once (this is referred to as the “five scatters” rule). The winning portion of the game is based on the highest total number of hits from all five of your spindles.

The graphics and sound effects of Wild Booster are nothing special. It’s a run of the mill game with nothing especially exciting about it. This is fine for many casino slot games, but not for Wild Booster because the game can only be played in two ways. First off, you have to play it in a multi-player mode. Playing the game as a single player has many advantages: you get to avoid playing against computer generated casino icons, and you can use any symbols you like provided they fall within the game’s parameters.