The concept of chi is widespread among Taoists and in other cultures far beyond China. It is believed by the East to be the life force, and has even been accepted by nuclear physicists in China. However, Western scientists have never been able to fully explain what chi actually is. In this article, we’ll examine the concept and explore how it might work in real life. Let’s look at some examples of Chi in action.

Chi’s two bonus features include a yin-yang-themed stairway to fortune. The stairway to fortune game will start when the player lands three Yin-yang bonus scatters on the screen. The stairway to fortune feature is a fun bonus game where the player’s character, Mow, will move steps along a cloud path and multipliers increase. This bonus game will give players a chance to increase their winnings and boost their balance.

The jackpot in Chi is fantastic, but the payouts could be higher. ELK purposely lowered the payouts to incorporate the multipliers. That said, it’s a high-variance game that’s engaging and has plenty of features that make it worthwhile. In addition to its free spins, Chi also has a Stairway to Heaven feature, which is fun to play and lucrative – with a 10,000x multiplier.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers chi to be the life force of all living things. According to the theories, chi is a life force that flows through the body, mind, and physical objects. A strong chi fills the body with life while a weak chi enables stagnation. This energy flows throughout all parts of the body and is essential for optimal bodily function. If you want to know how to keep your chi balanced, then try some of the practices outlined below.