Aztec warrior princess

Aztec Warrior Princess Review

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A tale about a warrior princess and a warrior goes like this: Iztaccihuatl was sent to war by her father, who had made a promise to marry her if Popocatepetl returned victorious. However, he assumed that Popocatepetl would die in battle and so his daughter would be abandoned. After hearing rumors of suitors, Iztaccihuatl killed herself. She thought that her beloved would die in battle, so she was unable to make up her mind.

The Mayas and Aztecs were indigenous to Mexico. They lived in southern Mexico, and the Inca empire and triple alliance were founded in the early 15th century. The triple alliance fell to the Spanish about a century later. Today, we speak Nahuatl de la Periferia Occidental and Nahuatl Central. It is also important to note that the Polynesians were great navigators and were gradually colonizing every island in the Pacific.